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Create a personal connection with your users by interacting with them through video.

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  • Track different data points such as total opens
  • Visualise the data with our dashboard
  • Add call-to-action buttons
  • Add VideoTouch to your site in 2 minutes
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The #1 reason for choosing one service over another is a sense of personal connection.
VideoTouch allows you to build this relationship literally from the first second someone lands on your website!
  • Why add the VideoTouch widget to your website?
    It helps you to establish a personal relationship with each potential customer. VideoTouch allows your potential client to see you, your professionalism, and your attitude — and helps them to choose you!
  • How does the VideoTouch widget help you to increase your conversion?
    These days, people rely on personal communication more than ever. By sharing a personal introduction you can show potential customers your personality and professionalism — and turn them into clients!
  • Works for online and offline businesses
    Are you a coach offering classes in person? Or an entrepreneur wanting to tell people about your new service? In both cases your clients want to see you before they choose you. Give them this opportunity!
  • When you need us, we're here
    Our Customer Success Team is always here for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What do I say in this video?
Here are some tips — feel free to use some (or all) of them!
Tell your own story
Let people get to know you better. Tell your potential customers a little bit about your path, your accomplishments, or why you started this business!
Capture your visitors' contact details
Incentivize visitors to leave their contact information. If you want to offer a free class, discount or other perks, tell them about it!
Give a small preview of your product
Are you a fitness instructor? Describe to the viewers the structure of your class. A career coach? Explain what is the final goal of the course, and what materials and knowledge your clients will get after! Do you own a bakery? Show people how their favourite cupcakes are made!
Record the video with a mobile phone
You don't need a professional camera and complicated post-production. We all watch Instagram stories because they are authentic. You only need your mobile phone and a bit of preparation for a truly engaging video!
If you are not sure yet what to say in your video, let us know. We will help you with the script for free.

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  • Loren Hamson
    Online coach
    LOVE VideoTouch. Brilliant and simple!
    I've been using asynchronous conversations with my coaching clients.
  • Felipe Grace
    Personal buizeness trainer
    VideoTouch is easily the biggest game changer to our website. This is how every company website should be selling!
  • Jenna Smith
    Coach & Model
    I have spent 1000s of $$$ on sales tools but VideoTouch beats them all.
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